Conference Invitation

LIBERATE conference invitation

Real life is long on law and short on grace—the demands never stop, the failures pile up, fear sets in. The idea that there is an unconditional love that relieves the pressure, forgives our failures and replaces our fear with faith seems too good to be true. Longing for hope in a world of hype, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the news we’ve been waiting to hear: God sent Jesus to set sinners free. Jesus came to liberate us from the weight of having to make it on our own, from the demand to measure up. He came to emancipate everyday people from the burden to get it all right, from the obligation to fix ourselves, find ourselves, and free ourselves.

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That, of course, is the best news imaginable. But it sometimes feels a little high-flying—an idea floating like a blimp above our heads but never quite landing where we live. Our hope and prayer is that this conference will help to get this good news on the ground of everyday life. We want you to see and savor this radical one-way love so that it impacts your family, your church, and your relationships—trusting that hearing grace proclaimed will lead to experiencing “grace in practice.”

Join Tullian Tchividjian, Bryan Chapell, Elyse Fitzpatick, Mark Galli, Ray Ortlund, David Zahl, Paul Tripp, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Steve Brown, Tony Merida, and the White Horse Inn at the LIBERATE 2013 conference: Grace in Practice as they put grace in practice by considering grace in the Christian life, personal failure, families, the church, pop-culture, and more. The experience of grace landing right where we live promises to be a bit unnerving, but God is in the habit of rattling cages so that the captives can go free.