2012 Testimonies

LIBERATE’s first conference was held in February 2012. Here’s what people have said about their experience:

“The speakers I heard were real with us, transparent and caring. This is the first conference I’ve attended where I didn’t come home with a to-do list. I gave myself one and I need to trash it and listen to the Holy Spirit.”

“What we liked most was the application of grace again and again and again. You can talk Gospel-centered stuff all you want, but until someone tells you how the good news of the gospel is to be applied in everyday life, amidst our sin, it can be a bit redundant and uninformative . . . even frustrating! We loved hearing the freeing power of the gospel applied to real, everyday life over and over.”

“I loved the content and the presentation of the Gospel and the wonderful emphasis on Christ and not the Christian . . . that never gets old! The music was really beautiful too!”

“I liked the opportunity to understand the foundation of grace and how that plays out practically. Not by trying harder but how to focus your thoughts in the right direction. I love learning and believe that is how faith comes through hearing and so I liked the answering sessions.”

“My husband and I attended together. We have never done anything like this before. We have been experiencing this liberating freedom of grace through Tullians’s messages since May 2011. When we were going to sleep on Sunday night after returning from Liberate, he said, ‘I’m hesitant to say this, but I think that was the best weekend of my life. Do you feel that way?’ I told him I completely agreed! We are not church conference kind of people. LIBERATE was truly a vessel through which Christ spoke directly to us. Thank you for hosting this amazing event.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend—the setting, music, the friendly staff were all wonderful. I felt at home and left understanding grace much better. and desiring to live it and share it.”

“This was a wonderful conference and I left the conference feeling ‘full.’ We were fed by Christ through the Spirit. I’m so excited about what this conference is all about and would love to see our church get on board and somehow become part of what is going on at Liberate. Thank you for your ministry!”

“The conference lived up to its name! It was so liberating! So much to ponder! So much to celebrate! So free! I appreciate all of the hard work, the passion of the speakers, the focus on gospel/grace, and the authenticity of everyone involved. So refreshing! It was like a drink of water in the desert!”